Avas - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Dear Customer!
We strongly recommend to read this documentation attentively to save your time during further setting up of our theme.

You can check our video tutorial as well.

This theme requires a working version of WordPress to already be installed on your server. If you need to install WordPress then please visit: https://wordpress.org/download. If you need any help with the installation, please refer to the guide below:

Install WordPress
PHP version 5.6.20 or latest version
MySQL version 5.6 or greater / MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
WP Memory limit of 128 MB or greater
max_execution_time 360 (This needs to be increased if your server is slow and cannot import data.)
PHP Post Max Size: 128 MB or greater
Upload File Size: 128 MB
PHP Time Limit: 360
WordPress version 4.7 or greater.

Upload Avas Theme

The theme files need to be uploaded before you can activate the theme for use. There are two ways you can do this, FTP upload or WordPress upload.

We have provided a child theme package ready for you to use if you wish to make changes to files, while keeping them through updates. The child theme is included within the main download folder, and is named "avas-child.zip" all you need to do is extract and upload this into themes folder or add as new theme from admin panel, and then activate the child theme in Appearance > Themes from the WordPress menu.


We've include the child theme css file ready for you to add your own styles, if you'd prefer to do it here rather than in the custom css box within the theme options. If you are adding styles here, but aren't seeing them on the front end, try adding !important to the end of the declaration. This is sometimes needed to override the dynamic css styles that are generated from the theme options customisations.


We've also included a child theme functions.php file, which you can use to add your own php functions, or override functions from the parent theme. If you'd like to do this, make sure you check out the developers documentation for the theme.

Warning: Please do not activate child theme while import demo.

After activate theme please go to Theme Options > License > enter yoru purchase code then click save button then click Register button.

How to Deregister Theme

If you wish to switch your domain or install the theme on another domain please remove the theme and plugin completely from the existing domain first. Then please create a ticket to ask us to deregister the license from the existing domain. After successfully deregister the license you can use the same license on your new domain.

If you have deleted the site or theme without deregister then please create a ticket to ask us to reset the license for you.

Our latest version 6.xx is not updateable from any older version.

As we have described to our sales page that our latest version 6.xxx is not updateable from the older version. If you wanna update it then it will lose your all current work.

So to update the latest version you need to delete the old theme and Avas Core plugin first then download the latest version theme from ThemeForest download section.

After download please install the theme and the Avas Core plugin again.

For more solution please go to our support desk here.

Now that you have activated Avas Theme, you will see a welceome screen. You need to click "Manage Plugins" button so you will redirect to the plugins list. You need to install Avas Core, Redux Framework, Elementor to work with the theme.

Manage Plugins

If you couldn't find plugin list please go to WP Dashboard > Avas > Manage Plugins.

Install Plugins

If you need to update Avas Core, WPBakery or Slider Revolution then please go to WP Dashboard > Plugins > then deactivate the plugin and delete the plugin too. After that please go to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins > Please install the plguin from there so you will have the latest version of the plugin.

By chance if you unable to import demo data via admin panel. We have attached the demo data included this theme called "Demo-data".

You need to install "WordPress Importer" and "Widget Importer & Exporter" plugin to import demo data.

Contents Import - To import posts, pages, portfolios, testimonials, contact form and menu items please go to Tools >> Import from WordPress admin panel, then there you can see many import options. Please see the below where you will find WordPress and underneath "Run Import" Please click on Run Import it will redirect you the page where you will see "Choose File" field. Please click on Choose File field and upload the "content.xml" file from Demo-data folder then click "Upload file and import".

Please assign a user from drop down list then check the "Download and import file attachments" box and click Submit.

content import

Widgets Import - To import sidebar and footer widgets please go to Tools >> Widget Importer & Exporter from WordPress admin panel then click Choose File and select the widgets.wie file from Demo-data folder. Now click Import Widgets button.

widgets import

Theme Options Import - To import theme opttions please go to Avas Theme Options from wordpress admin panel then click "Import / Export" where you can see Import from file button, please click that button it will open a text box, now please go to theme folder and open Demo-data folder where you can find theme-options.txt file. Please open that file and copy all text then paste on the text box now click import button.

theme-options import

Slider Import - We have attached slider revolution demo file with this theme folder called "slider revolution" under demo-data folder.

We also attached Slider Revolution documentation. Please read the documentation for how to import slider file.

We are done! Pleaes note it won't be imported the same images as our demo due to copyright issue. If you still having problem to import demo data please contact with us through themeforest profile page.

For better result please increase your server settings as below:

We have used Elementor plugin as page builder to create page template like home, about, sevices etc. So you have to familiar with Elementor plugin. If you are not then please do youtube or google then search for "How to use elementor plugin".

We have included some page template for Blog, Portfolio, Services, Team etc. So you can use them while create a new page and select templatge from right side Page Attributes section.

Pages / Templates

We have created 2 sidebars for blog sections. Right and Left sidebar. To add/edit widgets inside a sidebar, navigate to the Appearance > Widgets section and choose widgets for Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar.

We have created 4 sections for footer widgets. To add/edit widgets inside a footer, navigate to the Appearance > Widgets section and choose widgets for Footer One, Footer Two, Footer Three, Footer Four.


To display Social Icons in any page / posts or widget please use the shortcode [avas-social-media].

We have built powerful Theme Options panel to changes settings of header, footer, menu, logo, favicon, post, services, portfolios, team, widgets, ads, social media, forms, pagination many more.

Please go to Theme Options panel via WP Dashboard > Theme Options then check all the sections, settings one by one so you can get lots of options to customize theme according to your need.


To change portfolio options please go to Theme Optons > Portfolio. We have created video tutorial for portfolio settings.

To change services options please go to Theme Optons > Services. We have created video tutorial for services settings.

To change team options please go to Theme Optons > Team. We have created video tutorial for team settings.

For all those who prefer translation using files included in the theme we recommend using the .mo/.po files. Those files work in pairs, so for each language you need to have 2 files with the same name but a different extension. For example, if you want to translate into German language, your files would be de_DE.mo and de_DE.po

To edit these files you need to use Poedit an easy to use software application. Simply upload the files into Poedit, edit them and upload them into the"languages" folder included in the theme.

If you are having issues, please ensure that the solution isn't already covered in this documentation. If you read the documentation and can not find the answer to your issue, please go to our support section and create ticket via the following linke

go to support

Theme-X Team